Thursday, April 24, 2014


With Godzilla opening soon, I thought it would be great to search for more STUFF!!
Take a look at what I found after the Jump!

New IMAX poster

International TV Spot #4

Funny Homemade Godzilla Trailer

Godzilla Rorars 1954-2014

Godzilla T Shirts

Via Tee Fury

Godzilla Dosen't like Easter

Godzilla at the Golden Gate Bridge

Gareth Edwards talks Godzilla design

He said creating Godzilla–one that appears fresh and original–took about a year. “Forget the giant monsters,” he told them. “If this really happened, it would be a life-changing experience. You have to take it seriously.” 
“I grew up watching Spielberg movies,” he said, referring to director Steven Spielberg. “What they did so well — as well as having epic, fantastic spectacle — they made the characters feel real and human. We were trying to do the same thing here.”
Via The Epoch Times

Godzilla Costumes and Hoddie

Via Comic

Godzilla Vs Batman

Via The Dark Knight Rises Fan Art

An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.
Godzilla is a new, upcoming movie by Monsters director, Gareth Edwards. Godzilla 2014 hits theaters May 16th, 2014 in 3D and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston & Elizabeth Olsen. 

What did you think?
Are you going to see the new movie?
I've already requested off at work to sleep the next day after the midnight showing!


  1. Godzilla versus Batman - awesome!
    Thanks for the mention. I have more Godzilla news tomorrow.
    I want that Monster Island t-shirt...

  2. I always wanted to go to monster island! I had to throw you into the mix, being you spent time in Japan and all.

  3. Godzilla is looking pretty epic these days. I laughed when I saw the Godzilla easter gag, David.

  4. I can't wait to see it!
    My son has that exact same Godzilla toy! I think I will have some fun tonight with leftover Easter Peeps

  5. what does Goddzie eat when she grew up so big? And where does she find food other than eating people and buildings?

  6. He eats other kaiju, and feeds on Radiation...
    and Easter candy! ;-)

  7. Or Godzilla REALLY likes Easter...Feed me Peeps! Feed me Peeps!

  8. That could be true. I just love the faces on the bunnies!

  9. Love the IMAX poster. And I would totally be up for watching Godzilla eat Batman.

    By the by, love the name of the blog. Taz's dad, right?

  10. That is correct sir! Tazmania.
    I still use that phrase in my conversations, drives my wife bonkers.

  11. I use it occasionally whenever I'm watching a Bing Crosby movie. How can one not?

  12. One of my favorite toys of all time was my 18" Godzilla toy with the arm that would just... shoot. never could figure out where that came from .Anyway, I love the big fella, and think he only eats bad people.

  13. I never had a Godzilla toy, but that didn't stop me from using dinosaurs as the big G.

  14. That last picture was fun: now Godzilla is in trouble! Never mess with the Bat! This was such an entertaining post! I put up a Batman animation just for you today: Batman visits Abraham Lincoln on that fateful night at the theater!

  15. On that Batman one he's probably thinking, "Oh, crap." I mean I don't think Godzilla would even feel a batarang.

  16. He would have to invent a Batman Jager!

  17. I think my family and I should all get Godzilla costumes so we can stomp around our neighborhood in them. Then we'd be cool!

  18. That would be cool. I didn't know Godzillas traveled in packs!

  19. Haha! At my pad, they would!

  20. lol. I love the poster and the jacket best of all

  21. Thanks I'm here to entertain! ;-)

  22. I asked my son if he would wear the jacket, he told me he wouldn't want anything on his face like that. He has a Batman hoodie that looks like he is Batman, but it is just a hoodie it doesn't cover his face.

  23. Aw, but covering the face is the best part! Think how many people you'd freak by simply walking down the street! ;)