Sunday, April 27, 2014

Deviant Art Of Doctor Who...

Twelve and Clara by sn0otchie

I ,like most in Fandom, like to search out for others that share in our obsession! An excellent place to start looking is at Deviant Art. I can get lost looking through the amazing artwork that is found there.
Doctor who is no stranger to having it's fans share anything from a sketch to fan fiction.
The new Doctor Peter Capaldi was a fan of the show growing up, and is no stranger to the Fandom that follows the show.

Via A Collective Mind

This is Capaldi's art from the May 1976 issue of the Doctor Who International Fan Club Magazine. He also had an article in it discussing the show's opening titles.

After the jump I would like to share with you some art I have enjoyed lately.

Doctor Who by Joe-Roberts

Nerd Love: Doctor Who by renton1313

Doctor Who Space Travel by DavidHoffrichter

the doctor by PabutteGO

The 4th Doctor - Tom Baker by iluvu2

Dalek by GrahamTG

Cybermen by IrisaBorealis

Weeping Angel Animation by CyberDrone

The Silence by oldkaff

If you can't remember the last picture thats ok just count the tally marks on your arms to see how many times you have viewed it!
I hope you have enjoyed the artwork as much as I have sharing it. Just remember an image of a Weeping Angel becomes an Angel!
Now run!!!


  1. I love that nerd art of all the Drs...brilliant!
    I'm a BIG fan of Deviant Art

  2. Some of those are stunning. The Weeping Angel is awesome.

  3. Sooo, now I'm scarred for life. I hope you're happy. That weeping angel scared the crap out of me. I didn't give it long enough and was getting ready to scroll down and then BAM! I haven't been to Deviant Art in a few weeks. I need to head back after the Challenge.

  4. I've often used DeviantArt's pictures to illustrate my posts! Some brilliant artists there

  5. The one of all the Doctors was nice.

  6. I tried to pick out the ones that I had seen lately.
    I have seen similar ones to the Angels, but this one did have that scare factor to it.

  7. I love looking at all the work there. Some of the Crafts are impressive as well.

  8. glorious... i love artistic people... and i just found out i get bbc america, means i can watch more dr. w....

  9. I had a feeling you would like this post. :-)
    I watch quite a bit of BBC America.

  10. I love DeviantArt! These are such amazing choices. Makes me wish I were talented in the artistic department, but at least these people share their amazingness :)

  11. It is a great site! I love all the different things that people share.

  12. Wow I feel blown away big time! Its the details in DeviantArt that really makes me want to feel but I am just an android. I am incapable of such things LOL.

  13. That weeping angel is even more terrifying. Deviantart is a wonderful site.

  14. I get lost looking around sometimes.

  15. The Dr. Who Space Travel picture is awesome! I love the colors.

  16. It is nice. There were so many that I might just make this one of my repeating post, like my Random Star Wars!

  17. Gary Philip PennickApril 29, 2014 at 7:28 PM

    Hey David,

    Oh, do I love those photos. The vibrancy is spectacular. Over here, on "The Horror Channel", they are showing some very old episodes of Dr. Who.

    A good day to you, sir.

    Gary :)

  18. I had heard that my boy Tom had some time on there.
    I have my VHS tapes that I share with my son.

  19. That weeping angel is horrifyingly fantastic.

    It's all really good. Thanks, David.


  20. Brilliant finds. Doctor Who is one of the best for fan art, mashups and the like. I seriously dig the style of the first one.

  21. I love the funny mashups, but the serious ones are beautiful.

  22. Wow so creative! I love drawing and painting but I'm not very good at it, haha

  23. I'm the same way, thats why I leave it up to the professionals!