Friday, October 18, 2013

Gone in a Flash!

Flash the dog, so fast and so ugly he is cute!
Recently my family adopted a new member into the herd. We didn't have him for very long, but just long enough to fall in love with the little booger! The kids took to calling him Flash, he was so little and fast that he was hard to catch. He was an inside pouch, and only went out to go potty in the back yard. One fateful afternoon after a rest in the backyard Flash was nowhere to be found.

To read the conclusion continue reading after the jump.

"I'm sorry, so terribly sorry."

We look everywhere, to no avail. We had given up hope, and started the grieving process. Telling the kids that Flash was in a good home with good people to take care of him, knowing full well he was most probably was not.

My wife emailed me at work one day. in the email it was an invitation to join a neighborhood facebook type page. I thought why not maybe it would help to know what the HOA was up to with my money. I got home later that evening and checked my email not expecting much. To my surprise there was an email for a Found puppy. Couldn't be Flash he had been missing for a while. I opened up the page to see the picture that you saw at the top of the post!  They said he ran into there house like he was an inside dog.
The kids and I raced to the car. He was several streets over, but still in our neighborhood.

And there was much rejoicing

So now Flash is watched more diligently in the backyard when he is doing the things that pups do in the dancing with his people!

Have you ever lost a pet?
Did you ever get them back?
Are you my mummy?


  1. Glad someone found him - or he found them - and contacted you! Never lost a pet. Most of our dogs were good enough not to wander off.

  2. He is so small that he can fit through a crack by the front gate.
    I think he is part rat to be able to accomplish that feat!

  3. I'm so glad this story had a happy ending! I used to have an inside cat that always liked to go outside. After a while he stopped coming back. I saw him prowling the neighborhood, but he didn't want to come home. He was a free spirit. I always love your gifs man.

  4. Thanks! I understand about the cat. We currently have a in and out cat named Thomas. Sometimes he wants in at night, others he would rather go caterwauling!

  5. My sister's cat has gone on several outdoor adventures, and every single time it's been like a knife in the heart, waiting for her to come back home. Of course she does, but she's an indoors kitty so there's always the chance that she won't be prepared for what she finds (even though she's honed her reaction to dogs to a science). We suspect she comes back mostly so that she won't miss her regular Saturday treat...

  6. I think a couple of times we had cats who would go visiting and then come back. Probably should make sure you keep a collar and tags on the dog or get one of those fancy LoJack type things they have for animals.

  7. OMG, are you the mummy? THAT. Was hysterical. I of course love all your Dr. Who references, but that one was particularly good. Great pictures, too. I'm so glad you got your pup back!!! Wonderful news.

    @ Life
    is Good

  8. Cats are much more instinctively prepared to adjust to the world outside than dogs.

  9. We are going to go to the vet to get him microchipped, so if he he does get loose he will have his address and all his shot records.Thomas the cat already has one.

  10. I just can't help myself, I'm a Whoaholic!

  11. Oh, poor Flash!

    I lost tones of pets, cats usually just come and go, appear and disappear.... My current cat Ignatius once got lost for two months and then suddenly came back home thin as a mummy. Took me two weeks to fatten him up again.

  12. Cats will do that, mine only stay away for a day at the most.