Saturday, August 31, 2013

Anime for the soul

5 great Anime Movies 
Just a list of some of my favorites.

5. My Neighbor Totoro

I watched this the other night with my daughter. She had never seen it before, and it was the Japanese with English subtitles. She is 7 and reads pretty well, but I was concerned she couldn't keep up. To my surprise she followed it well and totally enjoyed it.

4. Howl's Moving Castle 

This is another kid friendly Movie. I watched this one with the whole family. Lots of emotion and lessons learned.

3. Ninja Scroll
So much for the Kiddy stuff. This is sumari action. There is blood, sex, and violence. When I first saw this it reminded me of Samurai Jack crossed with Clint Eastwood's man with no name. A must see.

2. Ghost in the Shell

It was very difficult to find a GIF with no boobs or total discombobulation of the human form. As violent as this movie is , it is the message that makes it great.There are a lot of scenes with only talking, that might slow it down for some, but for me it is essential to the point and plot of the movie What does it mean to be human?


This is a classic. The post apocalyptic city is overrun with motorcycle gangs, religious zealots, and the disinherited. Is the human race ready for the next step in the evolutionary chain. Film sketchr a blog ran by Maurice Mitchellhas interesting concept art for the live action movie that never was.

Like I said this is just a short list of some of the Anime that I enjoy.

What do you think of this list? Have you seen the ones I listed? What would you add?

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