Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Influences You: A ISWG Post

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Good luck to all the bloggers doing the A to Z Challenge!

We make decisions everyday based on our experiences and influences. As writer's ,whether we realize it or not, we share these same influences with others.

Here are some of things that have influenced my writing.


Via webweaver

It's no surprise with the availability of TV and movies nowadays that it would influence my writing. This is a Geeky blog, and I tend to obsess over the things I watch.


As a kid it started with Dr Seuss. A time came when I would have to order books from Waldenbooks. It was all those Doctor Who books put out by Target Books . Now that we live in the digital age it is easier to get and read books. With blogging I have had the privilege of reading multiple authors that I have found. Yes, you influence me.




My Kids...They influence my writing more than they will ever know. I would include my wife but she would kill me if I put a picture of her up. ;-)
I would like to think that I influence my children, but to be honest they tend to rub off on me also...

So, there you have it three influences on my writing.
What is it that influences your writing?


  1. Your kids are cute!
    Books, movies, and television - that covers me as well. Plus music. Especially since my upcoming book was based on a song.

  2. the heirs of Walstonia are such cute kids! Congrats to the proud daddy :)

  3. Thanks, I give credit to their looks to mom!
    Music would be another one for me as well.

  4. Thanks Dezz.It took a lot of hard work...ok my wife did most of the work!

  5. Music is a huge influence on everything I do. I think in terms of albums.

    But as you say here, people are, too. Kurt Vonnegut always said that every writer writes for an audience of one, whether or not that person ever knows it. He said he geared all of his writing for his sister, even after she was dead.

  6. Wow I never heard that about Vonnegut.
    I do write for myself as a type of therapy. I love to read, so that has always pushed me to write.

  7. Good looking group there.

  8. Life in general influences my writing, and of course my favourite books and movies.

  9. Hi David! I'm visiting as an IWSG co-host today. I melted when I saw your children's photos and saw that they influence your writing! Right now I'm working on a memoir, and my father's letters from 50 years ago are my main resource. I feel very close to him even though he died in 1984. He is definitely a major influence on my writing. Have a good one!

  10. Thanks Louise. I know that my parents made me who I was, and am. I have mostly just my memories of my folks. It must be a great wealth of knowledge and feelings to have those letters. Thanks again for stopping by.

  11. Thanks Roland. I haven't been commenting as much as I make the rounds. I'll be sure to check it out.

  12. The books I read as a kid had a huge influence on my life now. I never got to read Doctor Who but they sound awesome. You have a beautiful son and daughter Man. No wonder you're proud.

  13. Thank you Maurice. I still have some of my Doctor Who books, most of mine are written by Terrance Dicks.

  14. The Blue GrumpsterApril 9, 2015 at 5:49 AM

    What influences my writing...
    1. Politics. I hate it, though I'd like to believe there is a good-hearted minority hiding somewhere.
    2. Death. I hate that even more.
    3. Real people.
    4. A bit of sunshine.

  15. 1 thru 3 could be considered all negative...or colorful, depending on the right shade of Blue...
    Sunshine never hurt, unless your a Vampire...

  16. Kids are definitely a source of inspiration for writing. A lot of my ideas come from them.

  17. With a blog named Mama Diaries, I can see how that could be useful. ;-)

  18. Lisa Buie-CollardMay 6, 2015 at 11:26 AM

    Like you, lots of things influence my writing, and I hope in a good way! Hope you'll post something today for the #IWSG this month!

    Lisa, co-host #IWSG, @