Friday, January 17, 2014

Random Star Wars Stuff...

Welcome to my first ever Random Star Wars Stuff.
As much as I am a Doctor Who fan I am a huge Star Wars fan as well. My son and I drive the girls in our house crazy with all the silly Star Wars stuff we do. At one time I could do the Vader Father thing with my son, but he is at the everything is embarrassing stage in his life. 


James Earl Jones turns 81 today. He’s been the voice of Lion King’s Mufasa, been in some amazing movies like the Sandlot but he will always be known as the voice of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.

Star Wars Despicable Me Mash-Up Via The Geek Twins Via Film

Star Wars Rumor: ‘Boba Fett’ Spinoff Puts New Character In The Armor

I'm not too sure how I feel about casting a new character to fill the Armor and take the name. I guess it is kinda like Nolan's Batman anyone can be Batman he's a symbol.   

This impressive poster is for sell but is sold out!

 "Episodes IV - VI" POSTER By Max Dalton

I'll leave you with this Star Wars Crossovers Via

What did you think?
Do you love Star Wars?


  1. LOL love the mishmash with the Disney animated characters!

  2. I haven't been drinking enough to say I really love Star Wars, but I do like it an awful lot. The Yoda and the Balrog pic is awesome. But the Assassin's Creed dude with the light saber dagger thing... I think he'd have lost a few fingers already if that's how he holds the thing.

    Good stuff.

  3. star wars, yes... i consumed my life when i was a boy and still my house is filled with memories from toys, photos, posters... bobble-head bath soap. it time to stop loving this, nope we have so much more in store... thank you!

  4. My daughter loves the Monsters Inc one.

  5. *Yoda Voice*
    Pass, You Shall Not!
    Assassin's Creed would rock with Lightsabers, but you're right the dagger is a little too close.

  6. I have but one regret. Letting my son watch my DVD's when he was younger.
    Now they all have skips on them. Time to ask the maternal unit if I can get the Blu Ray ones!

  7. I bet you liked the My Little Pony one.
    You should embarrass your son anyway. What are fathers for?

  8. My brony senses were tingling!
    If I am in the car with him by ourselves, he gets embarrassed if I touch his arm at a stoplight..I say who is going to see us. He replies everyone. Who? That girl on the sidewalk (who happens to be 20 feet away!

  9. Tell him Ninjas are watching!
    Oh, and saw the first good film of the year. (Date night with the wife - it's our Friday night tradition.) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Really good. Especially for a January release.

  10. His sister thinks she is a Ninja!Sounds Awesome. I hope I don't have a Harrison Ford hang up when I see it.

  11. Alex, January does sometimes seem like it hates movie audiences, doesn't it? David, have you heard of @PeterMayhew on Twitter. The man behind Chewbacca is showing pictures he took on the set of Star Wars! Lots of photos of Carrie Fisher in her slave bikini for some reason! :-) I'm sure you can find the pictures on the net. Love the Dispicable Me photo! Your son will outgrow this stage -- but a little tease now and then will make you smile while you are waiting!

  12. I've seen some of the pics on the net. Poor Mayhew has to walk around with a cane now, but it is a lightsaber!

  13. New character under the Fett armor? It's happened before. Makes me more interested in this spin-off! Your son will come around again. You'll be sharing your love of Star Wars again!

  14. That was they don't have to follow canon.
    He can be just as cool but you know he is not a clone.
    My son is ok as long as we are not in public. We just got back from the pharmacy, and while we were waiting I kept pulling his hoodie over his head. He was not amused, I thought he would want to look like a Jedi!

  15. Yep, I love Star Wars.
    That Star Wars Despicable Me Mash-Up is the funniest thing!!

  16. Sweet man. Thanks for the shout out and I love the new feature! I wholeheartedly believe that Mustafar is based on Mufasa. I just can't prove it. ..yet.