Sunday, September 22, 2013

Whovian Smörgåsbord!

My Top 6 Doctor Who Sites

With the approach of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, I thought I would share a few Whovian sights that I like to frequent. I still come across so much, but this list is in my bookmark bar in a special folder. So relax sit back, and enjoy.
For the small readership that are not Whovians I apologize. You know who you are, and if you don't mind I would like you to close your eyes, and imagine a world without The Doctor...
I didn't think you could!


The Daily Dalek is great fun for those who love all the idiosyncrasies of the Doctors oldest and greatest enemies. The site also has a shop with mugs.shirts, and stuff.


This site is great at finding things in the media. They report on products, events, and even do reviews. If something is happening in the Whovian world it will be here.


Blogtor Who is a site ran by Cameron K McEwan. It provides news, reviews, interviews, images and videos of all things Who related.


Life, Doctor Who & Combom is a site that has several contributors that gathers news, spoilers, and everything for the whovian. The articles can be serious or full of witty banter.


Doctor puppet started as puppet that went wherever his owner, Alisa Stern went. Much like the Traveling Gnome, taking pics at the park, on road trip, and stuff. When the site received lots of attention, She started animating adventures with Doctor Puppet.


Doctor Who TV has the latest news, spoilers, and features. It has a Youtube channel that is worth a look. 
The one thing I will say is that the if you would like to comment on the articles at this site make sure you don't wear your feeling on your sleeve. The Whovians who frequent this site sometimes have strong opinions, and don't mind sharing the good, the bad, and the DALEK!

Do you frequent Doctor Who sites? If so, are there some not listed?


  1. Dr. Who Puppet - that's rather funny.
    Favorite sites list... I might have to do one.

  2. Doctor Puppet is truly an original concept.

  3. That's wild! I've only heard of BlogtorWho (which rules at exclusive Doctor Who tips) but those toons are hilarious!

  4. Maybe Mini-Ninja and the Doctor could do a team-up!

  5. Oh my gosh, these are brilliant!
    (Love the dalek comics)

  6. Thanks. Some consider me a little obsessed with Doctor Who.
    *looks over shoulder for wife*

  7. Awesome! The internet needs a Fiesta!

  8. Fun! I see on your Google page you're in San Antonio. Same here. Thanks for visiting my blog.