Monday, August 26, 2013

Great Blogs of Fire!

Burn Baby Burn! 

5 Great Blogs So Hot You Need Flame Resistant Clothing

This is my first attempt to give shout outs, to the Blogs that I enjoy. They are not in any particular order, and the list I have at the bottom of the site is just a few. I have followed some a long time others just a short wile. I hope you find something to take from all the sites listed.

                                                     Have we started a fire?....YES the fire Rises!


1. The Geek Twins
This Blog is run guessed it Twins. Maurice S. Mitchell & his younger brother (by 5 minutes) Nigel G. Mitchell. I found them by accident googling something geek related, and have not stopped going back. The site is:  A blog that champions the cause of geeks everywhere. If that is not a reason to check them out then you're either dead or in ICU.

2. The Non-Review
This Blog is run by a mad man!  T.S. Hendrik. I will just let him explain...
"The Non-Review is a satirical critique of everything from the latest movies to marshmallows. Featuring a blend of real and farcical reviews, stories, in depth articles, and hard hitting, fact filled columns,The Non-Review does it's best to offer something to everyone." If you don't find something there to your liking you're either impossible to please or my Mother In Law. 


3. [Being Retro]
This site is run by Jeremy Hawkins. Jeremy, apart from telling awesome stories, does design, t-shirts, writings, ebook covers, etc. The site is all things RETRO from books, art, ads, etc. He has an great collection of shirts. My favorite is "What Dalek, do you speak?". If you like music he has a link to Howlin' Wolf Records, another great site. Lots of things to keep you occupied, if you're like me and have ADHD. Hey that rhymed!

4. P.T. Dilloway's Blog
If you can't tell who runs this Blog then how the heck did you get on the internet? Pat is a writer of several books as seen in the title picture. He has a series called Tales of the Scarlet Knight.  A series of Superhero novels telling the story of a young woman who finds a suit of magic armor. Dilloway is a Grumpy Bulldog he rants and raves, about whatever is on his mind at the time. He has a great lineup of regular happenings. Comic Captions, Two Cent Tuesday & Box Office Blitz to name a few. He is  from the Detroit area, but I won't count that against him.

This Blog...(you get the drill) run by Tim Knight. I have a thing for the Brits. It's where I get my English from, that I so often murder. I have recently discovered this site, and I am in the process of fully enjoying all the rich culture that it contains. There are reviews, music, monthly pin-ups (SFW) Pretty much all things geeky that I enjoy. Did I mention that he is British? My wife often makes fun of my obsession with that. (another post for another day) "Reality is the playground of the unimaginative" enuf said!

"I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass." Gandalf to the Balrog.

So did this post pass the Bridge of Khazad-dum? Do you visit these sites? What do you recommend?

ps: all the blogs are managed by the friendliest of folks so feel free to comment there.
(yes even the Grumpy Bulldog)

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