Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For The Love of Pete!

Moffat Facepalm
Who is Pete and Why does he get all the Love?

I have been following blogs for awhile now. Ever expanding my reach to view the people and things that interest me. My hope is that I can share my eclectic geek world with those of you that dare to follow me. 

I have always enjoyed watching cartoons. I have fond memories of waking up early on Saturday morning before my parents, and making a big bowl of Rice Krispies (full of sugar). Plopping down in front of the telly to enjoy the 3 channels that we could get. All morning long till the noon news would come on. That being said, I never grew out of it. One show I would enjoy latter in life was Taz-Mania. It was a sitcom type show revolving around Taz the Tazmanian Devil, from the Bugs Bunny cartoons. He had a father named Hugh who would often over explain things to the point where he'd say( in a Bing Crosby voice) "blah-blah-blah, yackity schmackity" to speed things up. I would then emulate that phrase in my everyday life, hence the name of the Blog. As far as Pete, well that was another phrase I got from a one liner in a Timon & Pumbaa TV series episode.

What do you think of Hugh? And Why did Pete get all the love?

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