Monday, April 7, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Spoiler Free Review

As I sit here trying to rack my brain on how to review the movie without spoiling it for everyone, I realize the best way to do so is to deal with the impact it has on the not only the viewer, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its characters.

First I would like to say that this is a movie that ties all other Marvel movies and Marvel Agents of SHIELD together.
I don't want to make this a spoiler for the TV show, but it seems to answer some questions on what is going on.
The ending of last weeks episode was part of the movie. This lets us know that the show is happening at the same time as the movie.

I'm sure on 4/8/14 on ABC the show will reveal what is going on. I will not spoil that here, but if you must know you can read dozens of reviews on the web that will.

After viewing Agents of SHIELD episode TURN, TURN, TURN
The whole synopsis of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Spoiled! Nice that they tie the movie in better than they did IM3 and Thor 2, but spoil it for those who have not seen it yet. So if you don't want spoilers for the movie, and haven't watched this episode yet, I recommend you don't till you see the movie first. Back to the spoiler free review...

The Man

What was not dealt with much the last time we saw Cap, is he is a man out of time. It was mentioned but with the whole saving the world thing going on we didn't get much time to deal with it, and neither did he. Think about it, he has no one left to relate to. Now he has signed on as an agent of SHIELD, working for Nick Fury. He has the standards and moral code of the Generation that fought in WWII. The world he is in now is far removed from when things were black and white, good was good and evil was evil. Now things are more grey, and blurred. Steve Rogers is not swayed by todays morals, he choses not to be changed by the times, but remains true to who he was and is. 

The Freind

As I stated earlier Rodgers has no one to relate to, not till he happens to run into Sam Wilson while running around the reflecting pool at the capitol. They find common ground in their service to the country. Sam has such an impact on Cap that he visits him later at the VA where he works as a counselor to Vets dealing with PTSD. Sam later in the movie works with Cap not so much a traditional side kick, but as he put it in the film he does what Cap does, just slower. He truly gives Rogers a friend to relate and work with. Falcon is a strong character that brings not only a warriors attitude, but can help integrate Captain America to the new world around him. 

The Mystery

I will start off by stating that to some, part of the mystery is no mystery at all. I am of course referring to The Winter Soldier himself. Black Widow says of him to Steve "Most of the intelligence community doesn't believe he exists. The ones that do call him the Winter Soldier. He's a ghost, you'll never find him..." Who is he, and who does he work for? The who is common knowledge to most comic book fans. My son already knows before ever seeing the movie by watching the Avengers sunday morning cartoon. If this is too much of a spoiler for you please skip to the comments. I have no way of going on without revealing his identity.


So if you're continuing on with me you know that The Winter Soldier is Steven Rogers best friend that he thought was dead Bucky Barnes! This part of the mystery is only a mystery to our heros, especially Cap. The other conundrum is who hired him and who can you trust in the SHIELD organization. Did I mention that there are factions that would do our hero harm? I won't say who is behind it, but it is the driving force of the movie more so than the Winter Soldier himself. 

The Action

This is one seriously action oriented movie. In the scene above Cap takes out an elevator full of baddies. It didn't happen as fast, but the results were the same. Below we get a action montage that will leave you wanting more.


The Acting

The cast of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” at the Los Angeles Premiere that took place at El Capitan Theater on Thursday, March 13th. (Courtesy Photo)

The casting was for this film was very well done.
Like all the Marvel movies the acting and storytelling has improved, Chris Evans has become Captain America. Not only does he have the chiseled body of a greek god, but he has the sincerity, and perseverance that the part needs to carry the film. I truly felt empathy for Cap after he find out who The Winter Soldier is.

 Sebastian Stan wins the Bad A**award in the film. For a film that is named after his character he is not in it enough, but when he is his presence is felt by all.

 Samuel Jackson is Nick Fury, but we already knew this. He begins to show us why he is the leader of SHIELD. He pulled out all his bag of tricks in this film.

Scarlett Johansson is allowed not only be the superb spy Black Widow we know from past films, but to be a character that is able to change. Not so much adapt, but to make the difficult decisions in her life that could come back to haunt her. She becomes more like Steve, in spirit.

Anthony Mackie was the centerpiece that Cap was able to rely on. He comes out of nowhere and stuns us with his ability to be a fellow soldier with Captain Rodgers, and we believe he is the Falcon.

Robert Redford is Robert Redford! He can take command of the scene, or be the one to play second fiddle. He ties things together nicely.

Final thoughts


I have heard the critics compare this movie to a 70's espionage action flick, and for the most part they are correct. The fight scenes are done very well, Cap does not run around with a gun like the WWII days. He relies on stealth and his ability to take out the enemy using his experience. This is in my opinion the best Marvel movie yet. That might be a big statement sense IM3 and Thor 2 have done well also. This movie has no love interest in tow like the others, similar to the Avengers model. The ending sets things in motion that will affect the rest of the movies and TV show. There are plenty of funny lines throughout the film, Marvel has had practice at perfecting its craft and it shines in this movie. For those that like the easter eggs there are plenty of those to find as well. Two additional scenes appear, one mid credits, the other post credits. One thing is for sure when it is all said and done.     
Captain America will return in the Avengers:Age of Ultron. 


  1. Well said, David! And can't miss S.H.I.E.L.D. tonight.
    Sam is a good partner for Steve and a great addition.
    Best Avenger film outside of The Avengers!

  2. This is one I want to see.

  3. we adore Kiss Evans! We truly do!
    I wish the morals haven't changed so disgustingly and drastically in recent decades :(

  4. Aside from issues with the action porn and the fact that it's basically more of a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie mostly starring Captain American rather than an actual Captain America movie, I think it was pretty awesome. New favorite Avengers movie, probably.

  5. I still have to watch it but everyone says it's good. I read the comics already so some of it is spoiled already for me.

  6. Falcon will fit in with the avengers. They just need to add Iron Patriot to the mix as well.

  7. It is worth seeing in the Theater.
    I didn't see it in 3D, but I can imagine it would be awesome.

  8. From the point of the movies: WWII the Natzis were evil, now as Falcon asks, how do we know who the bad guys are, the ones shooting at us.

  9. Yes, it can be lumped into action porn, but there is so much more going on in terms of character development. I would love to have more Winter Soldier. I found myself in awe every time he was on screen. I do love good bad guys!

  10. The identity of the WS was all I knew going in, but some of it didn't surprise me, like you said it had been done in the comics.

  11. You are right: Chris Evans IS Captain America. I hope the movies do not follow the Civil War storyline and kill him off, replacing him with the Winter Soldier. It would not be the same. With AVENGERS 2, Chris will have played Cap 4 times. He gets better with each movie.
    Scarlet got $30 million for AVENGERS and a back-end pay. Chris got $5 million and no back-end clause. Seems shabby treatment to me. Yes, 5 million dollars is a nice payday but still ...
    Scarlet did a fine job in this movie. She somehow seemed to shine in this one.
    I liked the phrase at the end. "Captain's orders."
    I am with you: THE WINTER SOLDIER is the best Marvel solo movie. Comparing it with THE AVENGERS would not be fair. Just like it is not fair of Marvel to hurl it at BATMAN VERSUS SUPERMAN. Seriously? That match-up will neuter the box office of both movies., Oops, I've written a short story here. Sorry. :-)

  12. HA! You never have to apologise for a long comment. I can see it going either way with Cap being replaced ,or having a team up film after CA3.

  13. I've yet to see the SHIELD episode -- work and no cable -- but Amazon Instant Video will allow me to see it tonight. You're right -- Black Widow likes to change her hair style a lot -- but that just makes her seem more realistic -- women change their hair styles all the time in real life! :-)

  14. I've had 3 different hair styles in my life. Short, Long, and Mullet...we won't discuss the last one!

  15. I'm glad you did the update and even more glad I read it today! My hubby and daughter are big fans of the television show and the movies. We have it saved on the DVR for them to watch and, thankfully, they haven't yet. I'll tell them to see the movie this weekend and then watch the show. Thanks!

  16. Great review. I haven't seen the Shield episode yet. Yay--for once--for Oz being behind in the shows.

  17. No problem. I just know that if I saw the show first I would be upset. They did spell out the ending of the movie, and who the main antagonist is.

  18. I forget that other parts of the world see things differently.
    I guess I should have thought of that being a Doctor Who fan and waiting in the Classic years for the show to be on PBS.