Saturday, November 16, 2013

Celebrate 50 years of Doctor who with STUFF!!!!!

Timey Wimey Doctor Who Merchandise
Just in Time For The 50th

Via bbc doctor who shop

Not much longer and I will be having a Whogasam watching the 50th Anniversary.

Why not watch the the show with a bunch of new STUFF!

Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter

Who wouldn't want to this to cut their pizza using this as they watch The Doctor do his thing in the 50th!

11th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote


Watch Doctor Who in style with this TV remote! Think of all the the shows you could sonic.

Hidden TARDIS Coffee Mug 


Drink your favorite beverage while enjoying the show, and watch the TARDIS materialize in your cup!
(I'll take mine with some Baileys Irish Cream)

  Doctor who Bath Robes


Cuddle up on the couch in comfort.
My wife can be the TARDIS while I can be the 4th Doctor. Neil Gaiman would be proud. 

Monitor Mate: 50th Anniversary Original TARDIS

On top of your monitor a black & white wibbly wobbly 1st Doctors TARDIS.

Did you like the Doctor Who Stuff?
Would you buy some?


  1. Like the mug.
    Dude, while on vacation this week, I saw a shop that was half Dr. Who stuff. You would've been in total Heaven. Or out some serious cash, one of the two.

  2. The TARDIS in the middle of the mug takes up some of the room that coffee would otherwise be, but I have a drinking problem....I love me some coffee!
    I would love to go to a shop that had lots of Who merchandise. My local comic book shop has an end cap with some toys and things. Other than that the internet is my friend.

  3. You Dr Who fans are really crazy :) And you know Dezzy is a psychologist :) So it's official!

  4. Very cool stuff! I need the screwdriver!

  5. I can neither confirm, nor deny this allegation!
    Unless you ask my wife, then she would tell you differently.;)

  6. It is rather expensive but it is rather sweet!

  7. well. as long as you do not wear Dr Who jimjams while sleeping with the Missus :)

  8. This stuff cracks me up :) I'll admit that some part of me really wants that screwdriver though. Just for funsies!

  9. My son runs around with a plastic screwdriver saying "I'm the Doctor BZZZT BZZZT".
    He also chases his sister yelling "EXTERMINATE!!", and on his Nintendo 3DS his name is "Master".

  10. Someday you will convert me and I'll be wearing Dr. Who bathrobes before you know it! :)

  11. You have found out my Master plan!
    Today Morgan, tomorrow the World!
    *Evil Laughter*

  12. I probably would have geeked out a bit more if it was Star Wars but still, fun stuff. I already have a Star Wars bathrobe so I'll have to keep this in mind for next time.

  13. Growing up I had The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi bedding.
    My mom saved it, and now my son uses it.