Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A New Face, For A New Day!

Via [Being Retro]

I guess you noticed the rhytidectomy of the site.
 I owe it all to Jeremy Hawkins!
I pay tribute to him today!


I listed Being Retro as one of my 
Great Blogs of Fire, back in late August.
This is what I wrote then:

" Jeremy, apart from telling awesome stories, does design, t-shirts, writings, ebook covers, etc. The site is all things RETRO from books, art, ads, etc. He has an great collection of shirts. My favorite is "What Dalek, do you speak?". If you like music he has a link to Howlin' Wolf Records, another great site. Lots of things to keep you occupied, if you're like me and have ADHD. Hey that rhymed!"

I haven't been blogging long. For a while I just followed people and things that interest me. I came across Jeremy by comments he made on different blogs, and soon made a habit to visit his.

T-shirts who doesn't like T-shirts

Click Here>Retro T-Shirts

Recently Jeremy did IT'S Time book blog tour.

All his books are available at: AMAZON


Howlin' Wolf Records Online Magazine 


Honestly I don't know how he keeps up with every thing.
I would like to conclude with yet another cool site he has.


A Fan-Site for AMC's  The Walking Dead
This site has lots of Caption the Photo post.
I think I have cornered the market so far.
I told him that I see the pics, and the stupidity flows!

Have you visited any of Jeremy's sites?
If you get a chance to visit tell him the Doctor sent you.


  1. I hadn't met him before. Thanks for the intro.

  2. thanks for the shout out... really i am thankful, it's was an honor to help or assist i am glad you have a place you can share your thoughts.

  3. Like I told Maurice,it is the least I could do.
    Thanks again!

  4. Go Jeremy! If he's a friend of yours, he's a friend of mine. Rockin' t-shirts. I always feel *cool* when I visit your blog, David. :)

  5. Thanks Morgan!
    I just put two of my favorite t-shirts, he has some others that rock as well!

  6. Love your new design!

  7. Me too!
    I gave Jeremy access, and told him to go to town. ;)

  8. We do love us some Jeremy!
    Dave, you mischief, why haven't you told me you opened your own blog? I'm the last one to come here :(

  9. I had to wait till Jeremy made it [Retro]!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Looks awesome! Jeremy does some great stuff. Sorry I didn't see this during the week - finally back from vacation.

  11. Hope you and the misses had a great time!

  12. He's an amazing artist David and I love your banner! Thanks for the word-of-the-day too!

  13. After how he helped me I figured this is the least I could do.
    I never thought of it as a word-of-the-day....hum...
    I guess the hint is in the title.